Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Scrunchies had their moment, but like it or knot, this fall, it’s all about the knotted headband. This hair accessory is by no means new, but as brands release their new arrivals for next season, these headbands keep rising to the top (knot). Anecdotally, knotted headbands have absolutely flooded my Instagram, and I’ve seen probably hundreds of heads adorned with knots on my subway commute this week alone.

And anyway, when major designers are making something for $650 that you can also buy on Amazon for $6, you know it’s a thing. But you don’t have to spend this month’s rent to try the trend. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite knotted headbands that will keep your head looking fashion forward all season long.

Headbands for Women Colorful Rhinestone

Headbands for Women Colorful Rhinestone, $12
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

You already have a big ol’ knot on top of your head—what’s a few rhinestones? This pair of white and black headbands will be perfect come holiday party season, but you are more than welcome to wear them on the daily, just to jazz up a normal outfit.

Jaciya 6 Pieces Pearl Knotted Headbands

Jaciya 6 Pieces Pearl Knotted Headbands, $18
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Knotted headbands: Classy. Pearls: Classy. Knotted headbands covered in pearls: CLASSY. And you, a classy lady, should own one—or six.

Urban Outfitters Top Knot Headband

Urban Outfitters Top Knot Headband, $14
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Leopard print is the It pattern of the season, so wear it loud and proud on top of your head. Luckily, leopard is a neutral, so this hair accessory will go with almost anything.

Something Navy Soft Head Wrap

Something Navy Soft Head Wrap, $25
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Let’s face it: Sometimes headbands can feel uncomfortable. That’s not the case with a soft head wrap like this one from Something Navy. And hey, who doesn’t love a fall floral?

Madewell Knotted Covered Headwrap

Madewell Knotted Covered Headwrap, $22
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

When in doubt, go back to black. This textured Madewell headband is super simple, but never boring, making it an easy, risk-free way for headband beginners to test drive this trend.

Anthropologie Belinda Knotted Headband

Anthropologie Belinda Knotted Headband, $18
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Sometimes the occasion calls for something a little silky. The sheen of this wine-colored headband from Anthropologie makes it a little fancier, and the pink piping along the edges is a sweet, feminine touch.

Lele Sadoughi Star Studded Knotted Headband

Listen, I don’t condone spending $170 on a headband. But if I was going to spend $170 on a headband, it would be on this star-studded beauty from Lele Sadoughi, the designer hair accessory brand that was ahead of its time in terms of perfecting the knotted headband. So go be the star that you are and splurge.