This Giant Blind Box With Cats Is Over 40% off and the Puuurrrfect Way to Keep a Kiddo Occupied for Five Minutes

Each cat is cleverly crafted and very cute. Your kids will be hooked.

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Lost Kitties Multipack | $12 | Amazon
Lost Kitties Multipack | $12 | Amazon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Lost Kitties Multipack | $12 | Amazon

This would normally be the time of year where I’d be getting ready to head to Toy Fair. A wonderful experience of getting to see every company unveil what they have coming out that year. The best part is discovering new brands and new toys. I’m a sucker for blind boxes and remembering finding out about Lost Kitties a few years ago. This is their multipack and it’s 42% off. 

In this giant blind box, you’ll uncover five lost kitties with ten accessories, plus there are stickers and colored clay they are hidden in. The carton is adorably designed with cats from series 1 and 2. With each tier, you find clay you have to break apart and comb through to find the felines and goodies. As with most blind boxes, they want you to get hooked and collect the whole set. But this could be a nice way to keep a kid occupied for a while when you’re on a zoom call. Each cat is cleverly crafted and very cute. This is a great price for a pack like this compared to other boxes in this space.

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