This Final Fantasy VII 2-Disc LP Set Is a Super Nova Deal

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26% off Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Set | Amazon

This item is for the Venn diagram of Final Fantasy lover and hardcore vinyl collector. The packaging and design of these vinyl sets from Square Enix over the years have been gorgeous, this one falls in line with that. This 2-LP vinyl set is limited edition and looks to not be available for immediate purchase on the company’s site.

If you jumped into the Final Fantasy VII Remake in March this will be all too familiar as the set covers selected tracks from that as well as highlights from the original game. If you’re down to jam to the music of Midgar, this one goes out to you.

Reading reviews, it does seem like this is a gift for only loyalists of the franchise so take that into consideration. Either way, it’s still a beautiful piece of artwork and Amazon Prime will have it to you in mere days. It is currently $60 and ships free with Prime. A vinyl fantasy one might say. Sorry, not sorry.