This Discounted Notebook Can Be Erased and Reused Over and Over Again

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Several weeks ago, we posted a deal on a notebook that you could erase up to five times by putting it in the microwave. Needless to say, reactions were mixed.

But some of you pointed out that the same company had a new notebook that could be erased basically indefinitely with nothing but a damp cloth, and that model is cheaper than ever today.

The Rocketbook Everlast does carry over the Wave’s smart symbols, a series of seven glyphs on the bottom of each page that you can cross out with a pen. Once you scan the page with Rocketbook’s app, those symbols tell the app where to send the page. Cross out the horseshoe and scan the page with the app, and it’ll automatically upload to, say, Evernote. Draw an X through the star, and it’ll go to Google Drive. You can specify what each of these symbols do in the app, so it’s easy to customize the notebook for your workflow.

The scanning features are important, because the Everlast isn’t meant to keep your notes indefinitely. Once you fill up the 32 pages with a Pilot Frixion pen (one is included), you can just grab a wet cloth, and wipe the whole thing clean to start again.