This Discounted Leather Wallet Gives You Fast Access to Everything

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Filippo Morato Veloce Wallet | $49 | Indiegogo

A few years ago, our readers bought a bunch of Filippo Morato’s Swift wallets, which promised tons of storage, fast card access, and high quality leather at an affordable price.

Now, the company’s back with a 2.0 version called the Veloce, and our readers can order it for $49, down from the usual $60. Inside the full grain leather, double stitched wallet, you’ll find four interior slots that can hold eight credit cards, a couple of special slots for business cards, and a unique cash pocket with an exposed middle channel, allowing you to access your bills with a swipe of your thumb.

While all of those interior cards will be RFID shielded, a special contactless slot on the outside can hold a couple of cards like hotel room keys and office fobs, and will allow you to use them without taking them out of the wallet. This reader-exclusive deal is only available for a limited time, and the wallets are expected to ship out this month.