This Discounted Dongle Tells You What's Wrong With Your Car, In Plain English

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Fixd OBD-II Car Maintenance Bluetooth Scanner | $40 | Amazon
Fixd OBD-II Car Maintenance Bluetooth Scanner | $40 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

I have a $20 OBD-II code reader for my car. Whenever I get a check engine light, I plug it in, get some nonsensical error code, and then typically spend the next hour Googling and diving through forum posts from 2011 to figure out what the hell it means, in layman’s terms.

Fixd aims to change that with a Bluetooth OBD-II scanner that sends clear and obvious information about your car’s health to your phone, including estimated repair costs for whatever’s ailing your vehicle, whether it’s urgent or something that can wait, and automated maintenance reminders. Normally $60, you can grab it for $40 today in Amazon’s Gold Box. There are no annual fees, and you can use it with as many cars as you’d like.