This Discounted Chromebook Packs a 13 Hour Battery, and a Powerful GPU

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Update: Amazon has the 1080p model of this Chromebook marked down to $250 as well. Your battery life will drop from 13 hours to 11, but that's well worth the increase in resolution.

Acer shook up the Chromebook world over the summer with the release of their new Chromebook 13. In addition to a 13" screen (still surprisingly rare in the Chromebook space) and 13 hours of battery life (unheard of outside the MacBook Air), this Chromebook is packing the same NVIDIA K1 that powers the NVIDIA Shield Gaming Tablet.

For now, all that horsepower is basically limited to rich web content like Google Earth and a handful of browser games, but now that select Android apps are being ported over to Chrome OS, your mind can run wild with possibilities. Amazon is offering the base model today for $249, the lowest price we've ever seen.

We aren't sure how many of these they have in stock, but the deal represents a $30 savings over Amazon's usual price, so if you want this for yourself, or as a holiday gift, I suggest you purchase quickly. [ Amazon]

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