This Tool Can Sharpen Everything From Paring Knives to Lawnmower Blades

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Work Sharp Ken Onion Tool Sharpener | $112 | Amazon
Work Sharp Ken Onion Tool Sharpener | $112 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Work Sharp’s Ken Onion tool sharpener isn’t your average countertop knife sharpener. But then, the average kitchen knife sharpener doesn’t have precise angle adjustments, a variable speed motor, 6000 grit belts, and over 2,000 overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews. It’ll work on your kitchen knives, sure, but its design also allows it to sharpen scissors, outdoor knives, and even mower blades and axes.

Normally $130, Amazon’s ground the price down to $112 today, which is the best deal they’ve ever listed with the exception of a one-day $86 sale during the holiday season.