This $71 Trunk Shovel Is Oh So Much More

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Tyger Multifunction Shovel | $71 | Amazon
Tyger Multifunction Shovel | $71 | Amazon
Graphic: Amazon

Most multitools are glorified pocket knives that you can slip into your pants. This multitool is, uh, a shovel.

But it’s more than just a shovel, of course. It’s also a whistle, a fire starter, a bottle opener, a knife, a hacksaw, a screwdriver, an ice pick, a wire cutter, an axe, a hammer, a ruler, a hoe (for your emergency farming needs), and more. It’s designed to collapse down to fit in the trunk of your car, and who knows, it could come in handy in the event of an emergency. Will you remember that the shovel in your backseat can also whistle for help if you find yourself stranded in the back country? I sure hope so!

Normally $89, it’s down to just $71 in today’s Amazon Gold Box, so get the deal before the end of the day, when it’ll be dead and buried.