This $25 NERF Gun Comes With Enough Accessories to Fill a Backpack

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True story: My 6-year-old has come up with a game called “Survive the Night” where he loads up a backpack with NERF guns and other tools like flashlights and snacks and hides out in a fort. (It’s inaccurately named, though, as it never lasts an entire night.) He must not be the only kid doing this, because there’s a toy called the NERF Zombie Strike Survival System Scravenger that seems designed exactly for his purposes.

It comes with an auxiliary blaster, a “tactical light,” and a few other accessories that’ll give your budding survivalist’s bag some nice heft. But the most interesting thing about it — today, at least — is that it’s on sale for just $25 at Walmart and Amazon. That’s half the original price and a solid deal for such a substantial NERF gun. Throw in a little real camping gear and you may not see your child again until 2019.