These Space-Saving Hangers Are Covered In Silk, and Back On Sale

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50-Pack Home-It Velvet Hangers | $18 | Amazon
50-Pack Home-It Velvet Hangers | $18 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

50-Pack Home-It Velvet Hangers | $18 | Amazon

The most obvious feature of these hangers is that they’re covered in velvet, which keeps your clothes from slipping off of them. But an underappreciated benefit is that they’re slim!

Here’s Jolie Kerr talking about them on The Inventory.

If closet space is at a premium — and honestly for whomst is it not??? — slim hangers are a great choice. They’re designed so that both the hook and the, um, hanger part? Is there a word for that? There has to be …

… there is! It’s called the shoulder.

Where was I? Oh right, the hook and the shoulders on slim hangers are designed to be, well, slimmer than standard hangers, which will maximize space in your closet. Also, most slim hangers are velvet-covered, which gives them a non-slip quality that their plastic counterparts don’t provide.

This 50-pack normally costs $20, but today, it’s down to $18 with Prime shipping.