These Are the Four Best Front Pocket Wallets

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After over 500 comments and countless recommendations, four minimalist front pocket wallets are left standing in this week’s Kinja Co-Op. But which one ultimately fits the bill? See what our readers had to say below, and vote for your favorite wallet at the bottom of the post.


I picked up a TGT wallet over a year ago (had a discount through Kinja), and for ~$25, it has held up really well and met all my expectations. The elastic band that wraps around the cards is still tight (“TGT”, I mean) and not stretched out at all. I’m not sure I’d pay the full $36 retail for it though. - J-Robes

I absolutely love this wallet. I have had my TGT wallet for almost 2 years, and it has held up wonderfully. The leather has held up through at least 8 accidental washings, and the elastic material is still as tight as when I first opened it. - antiquatedlion

I’ve had a TGT for about 3 years with between 10 to 15 cards in it regularly.

I’ve been impressed with how well it has held together, and it still looks good.

Mine is stretched out enough at this point that it can get down to about 6 cards and still hold reasonably well, but if I’ve got less than that, I roll without a wallet. I know that’s not for everyone, but I was switching between a rubber band and a binder clip before this wallet. - David O.



Crabby Wallet


The Crabby Wallet — My Kickstarter version lasted over a year, on my 2nd one now. Small, holds everything I need, only $15. I use a canvas one, but there are more professional versions available. - huzzahcoffee

I vote for Crabby Wallet also. I helped support the kickstarter myself, and have been using my version 1 ever since. I actually just bought two more for myself because they have the new leather and canvas options now too. Very thin, and holds everything. - itsraydizzle


Nomantic BASICS

I love that it can hold such a wide amount of cards. It can hold 1 card easily, and yet just as easily expand up to 20+ cards.

Not to mention the cost, it is so cheap. - Mills

I’ll second this nomination. After trying numerous minimalist wallet solutions, the “Basics Wallet” stood above the rest, and I’ve been using it since Spring 2015.

It’s small and durable, has a money pocket (fold bills into fourths and you can fit a lot of them), and has two sleeves for cards, one of which has a handy pull-tab for quick and convenient access. Very cool design. - desloch


Saddleback Leather Co. Wallet

When I got mine they were $29, I knew they were raising prices but didn’t realize how much.

Still an awesome wallet though. 4.5 years old and looks new except for the (desired) patina that has formed. - DazVeere

Highly recommend this wallet and this company. I’ve had mine for about 4 years now and it’s held up perfectly. They also have a hundred year warranty for their products. This wallet is the perfect size to hold 8 or so cards, some cash and an ID. The ID window is very convenient to just flash your ID, the cash can be stored folded in half unlike many other minimalist wallets which require you to fold in quarters, there are two pockets for easy access which I put two cards in each pocket and a larger pocket than can hold several more cards as well. - Josh