These Are the Best Gloves, According To Our Readers

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This week’s top Co-Op recommendations should fit like a glove. Even if you think you know the glove market like the back of your hand, check out the three recommendations below, see what our readers had to say, then be sure to vote at the bottom of the post.

Mountain Hardwear Butter Glove

I’m not a trendy urbanite, but I’ve been using the lightweight Mountain Hardwear Butter glove as my go to for like... fifteen years. I’ll use ‘em down to around 10°F or so, but I run hot. I think most normal people use them as 40-50° gloves or as a liner.

One might say that the Butter... is my jam. - AKBrian

How long have you been waiting to use that pun? - 100Ton

Mechanix Wear - Original


Mechanix. The plain, boring original. They fit well, they put up with a season’s worth of abuse and you don’t have to feel bad if one day you unexpectedly have to bork them up enough to just toss them in the trash. The perfect mix of functional/robust/disposable. - icrashbikes

Probably not what you’re looking for, but I tend to use my Mechanix gloves as everyday gloves. Have them in my jacket pockets right now at my business casual job. Warm enough for scraping the windows in the morning, but light enough to not get hot. Durable, but cheap to replace. Can still grip things very easily. Can still work the controls in the car and they work as driving gloves.

And they come in SUPER handy when a coworker’s car breaks and they need a hand. Pop out the Mechanix gloves and not worry about getting them dirty or hurting them :) - LogicalLurker


Biltwell Work Gloves

Everyday motorcycle commuter here (and I mean every-damn-day rain sleet or snow). I have a pair of these.

They are not fancy. They don’t have any special padding or insulation or anything else, just thick heavy-duty leather. BUT, they are very comfortable, tough as nails, and work great on my short commute all year long. Normally I wear out a pair of gloves every year or two, but these have been with me for several years. Yes, they look beat up now. The palms are black from rubber grips, some of the cordovan color has come off revealing the natural leather underneath. They’ve been wet, frozen, baked in the sun. Yet, not a stitch has busted, no seems are open, and I have never repaired them. Yes, they are pricey for a plain-ass pair of leather gloves, but they are “Biltwell” and perform as such. - Rusty Choad