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These $.25 Nasal Strips Did More Good For My Sleep Than Anything Else I Tried

Clear Passage Nasal Strips
Clear Passage Nasal Strips
Graphic: Shep McAllister

It isn’t just about how long you sleep (never long enough); the quality of your sleep is just as important. Does your sleep feel shallow? Barely under the surface of serious Zs? Do you wake up with a dry mouth? Have you been told you snore––or do you sleep with someone who does?


Buddy, have I got good news for you.

I’ve improved my sleep every night for years with a Clear Passage Nasal Strips. It looks like a band-aid for your nose but it works by tugging your nostrils open. And it works.

It’s hard to express how useful this product is, because it solves an invisible problem. Mediocre sleep is taken as a given, or even a badge of honor. Stress and Twitter and blue light are trendy things to blame, but your problem might boil down to something as simple as your breathing.

A nasal strip isn’t a buzzy or a high-tech device, but you’ll almost certainly get a better ROI from it than you would from any CBD products or alkalized water. You’re maximizing your oxygen chakras for about 25 cents a night.

The irony of it working is that you might never notice–until you try sleeping without one.

See, when you sleep, you breathe through your nose. And, if your nose isn’t efficient at breathing for any reason from a deviated septum to a cold, you’ll have mediocre sleep. But with a nasal strip, your passages are open when you toss and turn. You’ll get the oxygen you need, with less effort.

A nose strip is the least intrusive way to fix your night breathing: much easier than surgery, and much less gross than sticking up plastic knobs in your nose (oh, that’s a thing.) Instead, all you do is wear something small outside your nose.

Does it look weird? Fine. But if you’re wearing one, you’re either alone at night or with a regular partner. Either way, you’re past the point of needing to impress them––and they’d probably gladly accept you wearing a weird-looking nose strip if it means you’ll stop snoring. y

If bad sleep or snoring is an issue, you should really consider these nasal strips. They won’t solve every sleep issue, but they changed my life. They might change yours too.