These $24 Bug Zappers Won't Let Mosquitoes Ruin an Already Weird 2021 Summer

These lights are a nice alternative to sprays or fumes

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2-Pack: Solar Powered Bug Zapper | $24 | SideDeal

With the Brood X cicadas on in the world, it’s definitely time to start thinking about solutions to ward off bugs. I’ve even gotten my first mosquito bite of the year. Today you can get these two solar-powered bug zappers for 60% off their original price.

For just $18, grab two (or four) of these bug zappers to place around your yard and keep the critters at bay. These are a nice alternative to sprays or fumes, especially if you have kids or pets. They have two different light modes and are powered by the solar panel place atop each device. The auto sensor knows when to kick them on and off. Each is fifteen inches tall and easy to place in your backyard. And because it’s 2021, mosquitos are carrying more diseases than ever, so doing anything you can to keep them away from your barbeques, gardens, and sunbathing time is needed.

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