Everybody Needs a Copy of Catan, Especially for $37

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Catan Board Game | $37 | Amazon | Clip Coupon
Catan Board Game | $37 | Amazon | Clip Coupon
Graphic: Amazon

Catan Board Game | $37 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

I would posit that Catan is basically the Monopoly for the modern board game landscape. Pretty much everyone knows how to play, everyone owns a copy, and it’s a good default activity for a small group of people. There are better German-style board games (in the same way that Life or Clue is better than Monopoly), but at least Catan is a lot better than Monopoly.

There have been a few deals on various styles of Catan lately, but $37 is a really good price for the standard edition. Bug customer support enough, and they might even sell it to you for two bricks and a wheat.

This story was originally published by Shep McAllister on 11/05/2019 and updated by Joe Tilleli with new information on 10/14/2021.