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The Things I'm Using To Survive The Impending Horrific Heat

Graphic: Jillian Lucas

NYC has two seasons: summer and winter. And while it’s pretty self-explanatory what you need to survive the cold, the heat that we experience is in a league of its own. It’s a one-two punch of stifling humidity and unpredictable heat, which means you have to prepare for anything. These are the things that are in my rotation from May until September.

Gold Bond Chafing Defense Anti-Friction Formula


First things first, this shit is a godsend. Chub rub is no joke and will ruin your week if you don’t prepare for it. This works way better than regular deodorant (it’s made for runners after all) and keeps my thighs from becoming a hot, irritated mess.

Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets, Free & Gentle

The changing humidity levels each day mean high levels of static. Invest in some unscented dryer sheets to rub on your clothing to help keep things from sticking to places you’d rather not have clothing stick to. This won’t help on stickiness from sweat, though. You’re on your own with that one.

Uniqlo Women’s Pocketable Parka


Speaking of humidity, where there is humidity, there are thunderstorms. I picked up one of these small parkas last time there was free shipping at Uniqlo to throw into any of my bags. It may take up a bit of room, but you’ll thank yourself for having it, instead of toting around an umbrella, next time a freak rain storm happens.

Kristin Ess Haircare


Much like most of America, I’ve now fallen in love with Kirstin Ess haircare. After some slight bullying from coworkers, I tried out a bunch of things, finally settling on three favorites: the Working Texture Spray, the Blow Dry Mist, and the Air Dry Spray. These have been miracle workers for my frizz-prone, can’t-hold-a-curl-without-super-glue hair.

New Wave Enviro Eastar Resin Bottle


After like four different people in my office bought one of these jugs, I decided to as well. It holds over 2L of liquid, so I can chug water all day and help keep the sweltering temperatures of an uninsulated office at bay. Stay hydrated, my friends.

Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème


I tried this stuff out when it first was released and I’ve been using it practically every night since. It smells refreshing and unlike a lot of Vitamin C products (and moisturizers) it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It’s also really great for putting on in the morning when you’re lounging around the house and you need a little skin pick-me-up.

Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator


Kiehl’s has always made really great skin care, but this feels like their first real effort to break into the “make up” category. I mix this in with my primer in the mornings before I put on concealer and it adds a beautiful, healthy glow to my skin. I also love to put it on when I don’t have on any make up, because it also somehow smooths things out to a lovely, dewy finish that says “I went to the gym and only sweat a little bit.”

Tommy John Air Stay Tucked Camisole


After the launch of their women’s line, Tommy John’s Air Stay Tucked Camisole is my new best friend. The material is light, breathable, but not overly see-through. It does as it’s advertised and stays tucked into jeans, which makes layering (even when it’s warm out) super easy.

invisibobble The Traceless Hair Ring


I’ve raved about the invisibobble to everyone I can, even my mom. This goes right into my hair as soon as I get home, so that I can keep my neck cool but also be able to style my hair the next morning without worrying about the dreaded hair tie bump.


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