Graphic: Shep McAllister

As much as I rely on my iPhone, my laptop, and various other pieces of tech, I don’t always love looking at them. Cables, chargers, speakers, and their various other accompaniments often get the job done, but without so much as a hint of style. Thankfully, designers are catching up, or at least getting wise to how much we love our AirPods. Here are some of my favorite tech accessories that are so chic, you won’t want to stuff them in a drawer.

This Is Ground Genuine Leather Cord Taco

Photo: Amazon

Cord tangles alone are responsible for a good number of tech headaches. If you tote around earbuds or charging cables, this handy (and well made!) cord “taco” keeps them together, tangle-free, and easy to grab. The colors range from neutrals to pastels to the inexplicable but still tempting Life Aquatic/Bill Murray pattern.

TOZO Wireless Charger·

Photo: Amazon

Sitting by itself, this looks like a mirror or small tray on a table or desk. If there’s a better way to hide your phone charger in plain sight, I haven’t found it.

AmazonBasics 13 Inch Felt Macbook Laptop Sleeve Case

Photo: Amazon

Laptop sleeves don’t need to be attractive, but having one that you don’t mind showing off can help motivate you to use it. Surprisingly, one of the best options for super affordable, effective, and chic comes from AmazonBasics. It also comes in 11 inches and 15.4 inches, and has pockets for chargers or other tech, like Kindles or phones.

If you want something less subdued and more statement-making, Sonix velvet, padded envelope looks like it could double as an evening bag.

Native Union Night Cable

Photo: Amazon

With an extra-long reach and durable-yet-attractive woven cover, Native Union’s Night Cable is a cord worthy of being seen on your nightstand. The included weighted knot is a true coup de grace, making a very 21st century accessory feel like classic American design, while keeping the cable from sliding behind your bed when not in use.

Bluelounge CableDrop Multi

Photo: Amazon

Less attractive and more minimalist, Bluelounge’s CableDrop also keeps you from winding up with a tangle of cords at your desk or bedside. Your decor scheme, whatever it may be, could do with a streamlined and nearly invisible approach to keeping cords easy to find for under $10. It also comes in black if you want to blend it in to a darker tabletop.

Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Photo: Amazon

As someone named Marshall, my love of Marshall speakers has always felt a little self-indulgent. But, hey, there never were Marshall keychains at the gift shop when I was little! Even if you don’t share my name, however, Marshall’s Bluetooth speaker is a powerful yet incredibly design-forward alternative that will feel like a part of your decor. That’s pretty huge when you consider the most you can ask out of other speakers is that they simply fade into the background. Aesthetics aside, it also has rich, room-filling volume that makes it a good speaker that can both stay put and travel with you.

Satechi Aluminum Type-C USB 3.0 3-in-1 Combo Hub

Photo: Amazon

Apple products are designed to look great without needing to add cases or accessories. But occasionally accessories are needed, and they can mess with the feel of the product. Enter Satechi, whose laptop, iPhone, and Apple Watch accessories are designed to match Apple’s current range of products. They feel like an extension of your computer, keeping the original feel of the design.

Echo Spot

Photo: Amazon

As handy as Alexa devices are, they aren’t exactly something you’d choose to have visible in your home. The one exception is the Spot, a friendly clock/Alexa hyrid. You control what the clockface looks like, meaning it can match your wall color, favorite pattern, or current season. It feels like an intentional part of your overall look, not just something you’d hope to overlook.