The Solar-Powered Jackery PowerPro Is Basically An AC Outlet You Can Take Anywhere - Get It For $200 Off

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If you want to power devices like TVs and mini-fridges while you’re out at a tailgate, your only real option until recently has been a noisy, gas-guzzling generator. But the proliferation of affordable lithium batteries and solar panels is threatening to change that, as evidenced by the Jackery PowerPro.

This electric “generator” features a 500Wh battery that can recharge a smartphone over 40 times, a laptop 3-6 times, a TV for several hours, and a lot more. If it draws less than 300W, you can plug it in here.

When it comes time to recharge, PowerPro’s included 85W solar panel allows you to refill the battery to full with 7 hours of direct sunlight, which can extend your runtime even longer. It wouldn’t be ideal for weeklong camping trips or extended power outages at home, but it might be just enough power for a tailgate or barbecue, and you can save $200 right now with promo code TR77JI38.