Polaroid POP

The Polaroid POP mashes together all the quality compromises and all the fun of instant photography with all the comforts of smartphone photography in one tidy, pricey package.

The POP fits comfortably in pretty much any bag, with an LCD screen, touch controls, flash, a 20-megapixel sensor, on-board editing, video and .gif capture, Wifi, and of course the ability to print in tow. If you can think of a feature, it’s probably included in the POP.


The ability to edit on the go, microSDXC compatibility, and Wifi photo transfers all come in very handy, because Polaroid’s ZINK paper, which uses no ink, costs $2/sheet (!). We especially love that the POP can store a number photos in its onboard memory depending on your chosen resolution.

Instant photography remains a fun, expensive, and low image quality hobby, but the POP makes the practice more adaptable to the Instagram age than ever. It’s a tough sell at $200, but a killer gift for the right person.