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The Onesie: Merino's Final Form

You should replace every article of clothing you own with merino, and start with your base layers. If you’re ready to take things to the next level, there’s a onesie for that.

Airblaster claims the “Woolverino” that makes up their Merino Ninja Suit is 45% stronger and dries twice as fast as pure merino. Having gotten absolutely soaked in sweat during multiple hikes in Banff while wearing the Airblaster earlier this year, I can definitely attest to the fast-drying boast.


*There are multiple listings of the Airblaster on Amazon, with varying colors and pricing all over the place.

Icebreaker’s Zone One Sheep Suit (they really went in on the naming schemes on these), has a better fit, more style, and more ventilation than the Airblaster. Both options also feature welcome thumb holes in the sleeves.

While both suits are priced at $200 on their sites, the Airblaster gets all the way down to $78 on Amazon depending on size and color.

All other things being equal, I’d give the nod to Icebreaker, it having the edge in terms of ventilation, but all other things are not equal. If you take a closer look at the Airblaster, you’ll notice that the horizontal waist zipper goes around almost a full 360 degrees. While the zipper on the seat of the Icebreaker basically just creates a flap, the Airblaster suit fully Pac-Mans open. What we’re saying is that it is far, far, far easier to poop while wearing the Airblaster. I found that it was basically impossible to use a normal toilet without a significant amount of the fabric of the Icebreaker resting on the seat, which is gross, to me at least.

Merino suits offer incredible warmth and serious coziness but can handle a lot before they overheat you, and let you pack and wear way fewer layers in the process. Step in to one.


Bonus: MeUndies’ modal onesie, made of the same materials as their category-defining underwear and luxurious lounge pants, sets a new bar for comfort and softness.


If you’ve ever worn modal underwear, you know it shows off your junk like nobody’s business, so probably not the best thing to wear while opening presents around the tree with family.


Editor Emeritus, The Inventory

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