The Notably Cheap Wyze Cam Pan Is Even Cheaper Today, With No Monthly Fees

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Wyze Cam Pan | $32 | Amazon
Gif: Whitson Gordon

Update: Back up to $38

The Wyze Cam Pan is a surprisingly decent home security camera even at its usual ~$40 price tag. Today though, you can get it for just $32, the best price Amazon’s ever listed.

And no, it’s not cheap because you have to pay for an expensive monthly subscription. You can’t even pay for one if you want to, as Whitson explained on The Inventory:

Most importantly, it can’t record to the cloud nearly as seamlessly as its more expensive competitors: when it detects motion, it can record a 12-second clip and save it to the cloud, but that’s it. And it takes another 5 minutes before it can record another 12 second clip. You can stream video continuously, or you can record video 24/7 onto an SD card, which is nice—but anything in the cloud is severely limited if you want to actually catch something beyond a quick moment. It will keep those clips for 14 days, though, with no paid subscription necessary—though there isn’t one available either if you want more.

It’s not without its limitations, but it’s $32, with no strings attached. You can’t beat that.