The MX3 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Are Now Just $15

Comfy for long haul listening and sturdy enough for gym time

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MX3 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds | $15 | Amazon | Clip Coupon
MX3 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds | $15 | Amazon | Clip Coupon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

MX3 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds | $15 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

Comfortable earbuds that block a decent amount of noise and won’t break the bank might seem like they are hard to come by. Trelecy is an excellent brand that checks off each of those requirements. Save 25% on their MX3 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds right now.

As with a lot of earbuds, these are comfy; you’ll hardly notice you’ve had them in for hours if you’re a long-haul listener. They are designed to be half in the ear style but don’t worry; they are secure. So go ahead and wear these on a run or to the gym; they’re sweat-proof too. These are a bit of an upgrade to older models in that they have stronger anti-interference, and the connection is much more powerful than it has been. I’m a big fan of immersive sound and prefer it when listening to audiobooks or podcasts. If that’s your jam too, you’ll love these. The MX3 wireless earbuds bring that experience to perfection. These pair quickly and easily to your chosen device. As always, there is a learning curve with the touch controls, but once you master it, you’re off to the races, so to speak. Expect about five hours of listening pleasure on one charge, but the case will add twenty hours while you’re on the go. Most cases have a quick charge feature, so if you’ve only got fifteen minutes, you’ll still get two hours of playtime. And everything gets powered up via a USB type-c cable that’s included.

These will ship free for Prime members.