The FLECTR 360 WING Can Keep You Safe During Nighttime Rides Without Sacrificing Style

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As the days become shorter, riding your bike home becomes riskier. And if you’re intent on biking when visibility is poor, the FLECTR 360 WING can help you stay safe.

The FLECTR 360 WING is a set of super lightweight reflectors that attach to the wheels of your bike. Unlike most headlights and taillights, the 360 wing will reflect a car’s headlights as it approaches you from the side, illuminating you from the sides and grabbing the attention of the driver.

Shine bright, you crazy wheel.

This is a big deal.

Consider the fact that numerous studies have shown the number of accidents involving cyclists increases during nighttime, despite fewer vehicles on the road. A lot of the incidents can be attributed from a lack of visibility.


Cyclists who don’t wear reflective gear while riding are obviously harder to spot. And since drivers are more distracted than ever, it’s a serious concern.

Unlike reflective vests, which are kinda goofy and aren’t super comfortable to wear, or LED-powered bike helmets, which are pretty pricey, the WING is an affordable way to add visibility that won’t get in the way of your ride. It’s also easy to install and compatible with most wheels.

(To be clear, these are a complement to your front and back lights. Use all of them to maximize your visibility.)


Perhaps least important of all, but still pretty rad, is that the way the reflection works makes it look like you’re riding a Tron Lightcycle. (I’ve seen LED spoke lights before that do this, but those require batteries and are often poorly made.)

The FLECTR 360 WING is currently on Kickstarter, with a set starting at about $17 but you should probably opt for the two set option for maximum illumination. The campaign exceeded its pledge goal and it set to start shipping next month.