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Well, we’ve arrived. Welcome to that time of year when we feel no guilt about back-burner-ing all social plans in favor of working on our relationship with the couch. The time of year when you decide there’s never been a better excuse to re-watch all seven seasons of The West Wing for the third time. When your spending on Seamless far outweighs your bar tabs. It’s the middle of winter, and it’s time to get cozy.

In 2017 we all made a big fuss about re-branding this behavior as ‘Hygge’ to make it sound more like self-care, but honestly there’s never been any shame in our winter hermit game. One thing we did absorb from the Hygge craze, however, was the permission slip to invest in the things that make our indoor lifestyle (and Netflix binges) more luxurious and pleasant. Things like throw blankets.


Your folks probably have a lot of them strewn about the house—artfully draped off the edge of the guest bed or in a chic wicker basket next to the couch in the den. They are one of our favorite home items simply because they serve both as a “behold my good taste” decor item that adds color and texture to a room… And happen to be great for wrapping yourself up like a human burrito for a few hours.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite throw blankets that will hit both marks no problem—they’ll look as good folded and draped over the back of the couch as they will swathed around your glorious, hibernating body in repose.

Threshold Marled Knit Throw Blanket, $25

Graphic: Shep McAllister

Guys—do not sleep on Target’s “blankets and throws” category. They have so, so many options at amazing price points. You want plaid? They have plaid. You want fuzzy, furry? They have ‘em. You want reversible blanket where one side is fleece and one side is sherpa-lined? They have that too. They have a lot of options. Or, you could keep it simple with this Threshold marled knit throw that’s basically a sweater your whole body can wear. Up to you.

West Elm Solid Soft Touch Throw Blanket, $59

Photo: West Elm

If there’s one thing that West Elm does perfectly, it’s creating a design aesthetic that perfectly tows the line between masculine or feminine. Their pieces are for everyone, and can usually fit into any home decor vibe pretty seamlessly. This creamy white throw is just one such piece. It will look cool and cozy over the back of literally any couch or accent chair—plus the fringed edges add just a dash of extra texture and style.

Amped Fleece Printed Throw Blanket, $59

Photo: Urban Outfitters

A patterned option we like is this Amped Fleece blanket from Urban Outfitters. (Yes, that UO! They aren’t just for outfitting college dorms we swear—they have a ton of cool, grown-up home stuff, too.) The ‘grey’ colorway has a bit of rugged Pendleton energy (we’ll get to that in a moment), but woven into an incredibly soft fleece that you’ll be legitimately excited to curl up in when it’s time for a good Chinese-food-and-chill night. Another plus to this affordable blanket? It’s machine washable!

Pendleton Yakima Camp Throw, $100

Graphic: Shep McAllister

You don’t have to live in the Pacific Northwest or be one of those trendy #vanlife people with a road trip-centric Instagram feed to pull off a Pendleton blanket in your home. There are plenty of designs that don’t feel too wild or woodsy for a contemporary apartment in the city. We like the Yakima Camp Throw because it’s more affordable than many of the heritage brand’s other blankets, while the subtle stripes adapt nicely to a lot of home decor themes.

Pottery Barn Colossal Hand-knit Throw, $149

Photo: Pottery Barn

We love the look of an extra-chunky knit thrown over a Mid-Century Modern couch. It makes for great contrast, and can render all those clean lines a bit more cozy and inviting. Having a blanket from Pottery Barn is such a grown-up move, too. It signals to the world that you are a bit of a traditionalist, perhaps, but you’re really okay with it. Your Pottery Barn throw says to your guests, “Welcome to the home of a mature man who is invested in his comfort and has definitely seen a few Nancy Meyers movies and liked them.”

Snowe Striped Throw Blanket, $248

Photo: Snowe

In the market for a bougie-ass throw blanket? The kind you’ll invite your guests to gently caress when they come over to check in and see if you’re still alive in the throws of your mid-winter hibernation? This blanket from Snowe (one of our favorite direct-to-consumer home brands of late) is a mix of Australian wool and Mongolian cashmere, which means it’s incredibly soft and warm, as well as probably being more worldly than you ever will. The color block pattern is reversible, too, so it’s kind of like investing in two blankets at once, if that helps you swallow the higher price point.


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