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The Best External Battery Pack with an AC Outlet

The post-USB-C timing of truly portable external battery packs with AC plugs is tragic, but here we are. Mophie’s Powerstation AC is the first AC-compatible external battery pack anyone would actually throw in a briefcase.

Mophie’s Powerstation AC is one of the best-looking external battery packs out there, but let’s cut to the chase. What’s really exciting here is that there’s no need for an AC adapter. In fact, there’s not even an option for one.

The only other product around to pull off this feat is the Jackery PowerBar, which we ran an exclusive preorder discount on a while back. The PowerBar weighs the same as the Mophie, and features the same maximum output of 100W with a slightly lower capacity: 20,800mAh vs. 22,000, with more ports. But the form factor of the Mophie lends itself much more to say, a messenger bag.


The rest of the competitive set, from RavPower to Omnicharge to Romeo, on top of requiring AC adapters, fall short in terms of pricing, capacity, output, and/or USB-C inclusion. I expected to see more companies get there at CES this month, but no dice.

But then, maybe they just aren’t trying, given that AC plugs are less relevant than they’ve ever been, and the price/weight/dimensions ceiling where external power intended for outdoor use starts to make more sense is pretty low.

If a portable external AC battery pack is what you need, the Mophie Powerstation AC is easily the best and best-looking option so far, though you can certainly save a few bucks by going Jackery if space isn’t an issue.

The Jackery PowerBar has gotten as low as $120 since release, vs. the current $200 MSRP for the Mophie Powerstation AC.


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