The Best Everyday Backpack Is the GORUCK GR1

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We received dozens of nominations for the best everyday backpack, but once the deliberations were all zipped up, the GORUCK GR1 told all of its competitors to go ruck themselves.

Here’s what you had to say about it:

GORUCK GR1 - Military grade build designed for every day use.

Plenty of space without being too big. Dedicated laptop compartment that will keep your computer secure and safe. Enough pockets to keep things organized. Just enough MOLLE to allow customization via attachments without looking too “military”.

Best of all, the build quality is off the charts. I’ve used mine for some of the endurance events that GORUCK also runs where my bags have seen some of the worse abuse you could imagine, and they’re still strong as ever.

And if something does happen, GORUCK covers all their bags with a lifetime warranty that is backed by one of the best customer service experiences you’ll find. - Stubb0632722

This bag gets a lot of things right. The main selling point is the extreme durability backed by a repair service. It’s not overly tactical and has simple internal organization. - DinoValentino

Best backpack I’ve ever owned, bar none, and I’ve put it through some shit. Can handle getting me dragged through a bunch of mud, and all cleaned up it’s sleek enough to look right at home on the subway without screaming “Tacti-cool”.

Plus the company is run by a former Green Beret who frequently answers questions on Reddit and Facebook, they have radical transparency on pricing and design decisions, and all their stuff is built in the USA. - HWEdwards


If you just can’t stomach spending that kind of money on a bag, the second place nominee was the iconic JanSport Right Pack, which can be found for around $40.