The Best Cyber Monday Gaming & Media Deals [Updating]

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If you didn’t grab all of the gaming and media deals you wanted during Black Friday, there’ll be no shortage of them on Cyber Monday. We’ll be collecting all of the best deals in this space below through the entire day, so it’s game on.

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The Best Deals

Update: Sold out, but there are a lot of other LEGO deals that you should check out.

This is not a drill — the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V Set has fallen to just $79.. It’s hard enough to find at retail price, much less at a $41 discount, so it’s not exactly rocket science if you’re on the fence about buying it.

The main spacecraft is more than 3 feet tall when assembled, and the set allows you to simulate an entire mission, from launch to splashdown. We’re kind of bummed that it doesn’t come with a pack of astronaut ice cream for extra realism (and deliciousness!), but you can always get that at Amazon.

Update: This deal was supposed to go live at midnight, but we don’t think it ever did. We may see it later on during Cyber Monday, but in the meantime, you can also buy a Switch and get a $35 eShop gift card for free (also on Amazon if you click the Lightning Deal price), or buy one from GameStop, and get a $50 GameStop gift card for free.

If you missed out on the $299 Mario Kart Nintendo Switch bundle on Black Friday, Walmart’s offering you a decent consolation prize today in the form of the console plus a copy of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle for the same price for Cyber Monday.

If you aren’t familiar, Mario + Rabbids is basically XCOM with Nintendo characters, and it’s amazing.

The brutal and beautiful Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is one of the best games you can play on your Nintendo Switch, and also one of the few mainline Nintendo games that’s actually on sale for Cyber Monday. You can grab a digital copy from Amazon for $42 right now, and the deal (probably) ends at the end of the day, so don’t turn into a Cranky Kong if you miss out.

Note: It’s the same price on the eShop, but little known fact: you’ll earn 300 Nintendo Gold Coins (worth $3) by buying through Amazon, versus only 210 coins on the eShop.

Is laser tag really as much fun as you remember? There’s one way to find out! (That’s not actually true. There are other ways, like you could go find an establishment near you that offers laser tag and sign up for a game. But this way is better.) Amazon has marked its exclusive Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack down to just $40 (from the regular price of $64), and pretty much all of the customer reviews say it’s amazing. There’s literally already another laser tag set in my house, and I still kind of want this one.

We don’t see iTunes gift card discounts in excess of 15% very often anymore, so when you can get $20 off a $100 card, you should jump at the chance. You can use the card to pay for apps, music, movies, Apple Music subscriptions, and even iCloud storage, so this is basically a 20% discount on all things content. Just select the $100 gift card, and use promo code APP20 to save at checkout.

Walmart and Esports Arena have their own line of gaming PCs now, and you can save on a couple of the laptops today for Cyber Monday.

$799 gets you a Core i5, a GTX 1050, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD (paired with a 1TB HDD), or you can spend $1199 to upgrade to a Core i7, GTX 1060, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. Both computers include 15" 1080p displays with 144hz refresh rates, and even backlit mechanical (!!) keyboards.

That’s a $200 discount in both cases, and the first deal we’ve seen on these machines, both of which qualify for the Intel eSports Pack Bundle, which includes free downloads of games like Paladins and PUBG.

If there was one more game I was hoping to see in Amazon’s Black Friday board game sale last week, it was Scythe. Lo and behold, it’s now down to $49, within about a buck of its best price ever.

From Board Game Geek:

It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first great war still darken the snow. The capitalistic city-state known simply as “The Factory”, which fueled the war with heavily armored mechs, has closed its doors, drawing the attention of several nearby countries.

Scythe is an engine-building game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor. In Scythe, each player represents a character from one of five factions of Eastern Europe who are attempting to earn their fortune and claim their faction’s stake in the land around the mysterious Factory. Players conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs.

I’d watch that movie.

Dropmix | $30 | Amazon | Expansion card packs also on sale

DropMix is an NFC-enabled card game that basically turns you into a remix artist, and it’s down to $30 on Amazon right now, a match for the best price we’ve seen.

Developed by Harmonix, of Rock Band fame, DropMix seems perhaps a little too ambitious—most people don’t have great rhythm, after all—but the game is executed shockingly well. There are multiple game modes, the base set includes 60 song cards from popular artists (though you can purchase expansions, naturally), and it’s beginner-friendly enough for anyone to play.

Several expansion card packs with more songs are also on sale today.

Truly, Amazon is the MVP for holiday toy shopping. Every day there’s a new sale, and today’s batch of discounts includes Disney, NERF, and Play-Doh items you’ve probably been eyeing. And you know the drill by now: These prices are good today only, so carpe crepundia. (That’s Latin for “seize the toy(s).” At least, I think it is. If not... whatev, it’s a dead language; don’t @ me.)

You’ve waited this long to get your hands on Red Dead Redemption 2; might as well get off your high horse and take advantage of this here deal, cowboy. Walmart is offering up Red Dead, plus a $10 Google Play eGift Card, all for $60. You won’t find a finer bargain in all the Wild West.

Give yourself the gift of fluency in Spanish this year. Amazon is offering a Cyber Monday deal on a Rosetta Stone Bonus Pack that is, how you say, excelente: For $139, access a lifetime software download so you can practice your Spanish indefinitely on your desktop offline, and enjoy a 24-month subscription mobile that syncs your progress on all your platforms. A Barron’s Grammar Guide and Dictionary are also included in the box, plus a $20 Amazon gift card just because. Get yours today and say hola to a new world of language.

At less than a dollar apiece, Hot Wheels are the ultimate impulse purchase. But whether your kid has a collector’s spirit or just enjoys the thrill of opening a new toy package regularly, the novelty soon wears off, and the tiny vehicles will sit collecting dust while flashier toys hog all the playtime. At least, that was the case until the Hot Wheels Track Builder System Race Crate & Stunt Set hit the scene. It’s awesome because it lets you build three different challenge setups to ensure that races stay interesting, and it’s extra awesome because it then folds into a crate for storage. Even the $30 price tag is awesome! Want me to say “awesome” again? Awesome.

Amazon has elected to make this Cyber Monday one for the ages by discounting a selection of LEGO, and sets featuring characters from Marvel and DC, Star Wars, and Ninjago are all included. More generic vehicle builds are also in the mix, and some of these kits are at new all-time price lows. Given the nature of online shopping today, they may all be sold out by lunch, so grab what you want while there’s still time. Don’t let your afternoon be marred by the regret of what might have been.

DXRacer’s Formula gaming chair has graced many an esports tournament stage in its day, and you can plant your own butt in one for $215 for Cyber Monday. That’s not a small amount of money, but it normally pushes $300, and if you spend a lot of time in a chair for gaming or for work, it’ll be a worthwhile investment.

Kotaku’s Maddy Myers covered the very similar DXRacer Valkyrie in exhausting detail, if you want to give that a read before pulling the trigger.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday “computer components, laptops, and accessories”sale sure is eclectic, but that just means that there’s something for everybody in there. Inside, you’ll find discounted Chromebooks for every budget, gaming peripherals, graphics cards (including a GTX 1070 for $300), a 3TB external drive for $70, and even a 2TB SSD for one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on that capacity. A few favorites are below, but head over to Amazon to check out the complete sale.

Well that didn’t take long. If you want to be along for the ride to figure out whatever the hell Fallout 76 is going to be, you can grab a copy for just $35 for Cyber Monday, on the platform of your choice.

One of the great joys of the chilliest season is curling up by the fireplace with a cup of cocoa and a good book...downloaded onto your Kindle. And with Amazon’s Cyber Monday Kindle sale, its biggest book blowout of 2018, you could probably sit by the fire for years and still not get through the more than 350 e-books currently on sale for up to 80% off. No need to sift through all the titles (unless you want to, of course); a few great reads stand out from the crowd at first glance. Series like Ender’s Game and One Second After, even a few novels turned hit TV shows, like Outlander, American Gods, and The Handmaid’s Tale are all $3 or less.

Get ready to spend some money — for Cyber Monday, ThinkGeek is taking 50% off sitewide via coupon code DOTCOM. Combined with the lowered free shipping threshold (today you have to spend only $35 pre-discount, rather than the usual $75), it makes for some crazy deals on all that stuff you’ve been wanting but couldn’t justify buying. Go ahead and pick up a thematic sweater for the holiday season. Load up on stocking stuffers for your friends and family. And you know what? You’ve been good this year, so it’s just between you and me if you decide to also indulge in a little something extra for yourself, just because.

Akira is one of those films that should be in every anime movie fan’s collection, and Amazon’s knocked the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray down to $10 today for Cyber Monday, the best price we’ve ever seen. Come for the gorgeous animation, stay for the “Hypersonic” 24-Bit, 192kHz Dolby remaster of the Japanese Audio Track.

You’re probably familiar with the Disney/Lucas tax: If two items are otherwise identical, but one has Star Wars branding, you’ll be paying a significant markup to cover the licensing. It can make shopping for Star Wars fans annoying, but today it’s a little less so, with discounts on a handful of LEGO Star Wars sets at Walmart and Amazon. They make nice midrange gifts, so you might want to pick up one of each while they’re on sale. Possession may be forbidden for a Jedi, but it’s totally fine for the rest of us.

Update: Back in stock, if you missed it last week.

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Example: If you choose to buy this Harry Potter Illustrated Collection Boxed Set, it shows that you’re an awesome person who knows a good deal when it apparates right in front of you. The set includes the first three books and is down to an all-time low $52 (with promo code NOVBOOK18) on Amazon.

Reading and engaging your imagination is the closest thing to magic most Muggles can manage. Like Dumbledore says, even if it is happening inside your head, why on earth should that mean it is is not real? Certainly you’ll feel like you’ve actually escaped daily life to visit the wizarding world.

You may be asking yourself whether you really need another edition of this series, but in your heart you already know the answer. Always.

The Ryze Tello Quadcopter Drone is popular with beginners for several reasons: It’s easy to control, flies steadily, and takes excellent HD photos. The price is also a factor — it’s crazy affordable, especially at its new all-time low price of $79 at Walmart and Amazon. If you’re stumped on a gift for your most gadgety friend, this would be a pretty safe bet. Just be warned that it could be a gateway into a very expensive new hobby.

We thought the days of $40 PlayStation Plus sales were behind us, but lo, here it is once again for Cyber Monday. If your membership is due to expire soon, or hell, even if it isn’t, you’ll want to take advantage of this. This is as good a price as you’re ever likely to see, so if you own a PlayStation, or are planning to get one this holiday season, this is a no-brainer. Also available at Walmart, if Amazon sells out.

Note: You can add as many 12 month codes to your PlayStation account as you want. They just extend your membership expiration date.

The Switch Pro controller isn’t just one of the best ways to control your Nintendo Switch, it might be one of the best gamepads ever made, period. If you have a Switch and still haven’t picked one up, $60 is a really good price - we rarely see it drop below $64.

The Commodore 64 Mini only came out last month, and while it hasn’t flown off the shelves like, say, an N64 Mini might, this Cyber Monday discount to $60 is the first deal we’ve seen from its original $80.

The half-sized scale model C64 Mini includes 64 games onboard, but crucially, lets you add your own as well, no hacking required.

Haven’t read the super popular Ghost in the Shell mangas yet? This collector’s box set includes three large-sized hardcover volumes, plus a collectible lithograph by creator Shirow Masamune for $44, which is a new all-time low. Don’t let the live action movie ruin the series for you, this is better!

Haven’t used the NOVBOOK18 promo code yet? It’ll save you an extra $5 here.

Alexa can be fun to talk to when you’re lonely or bored, but she’s not exactly animated. The Anki Vector Home Robot solves that problem by behaving almost like a pet. He can answer questions, sure, but he also reacts to sight, sound, and touch and is excited to see you when you come home. And better than any other smart assistant or pet, he can also take pictures, charge himself, and avoid obstacles as he navigates your home. He’s got all the benefits of a living companion and none of the drawbacks. Forgot to feed him? No prob, he doesn’t eat. Don’t feel like talking? That’s cool, he doesn’t have feelings and won’t mind if you chill on your own. Basically, he’s like the downstairs staff on Downton Abbey: self sufficient, available when needed, invisible when not.

If you aren’t a Hulu member by the end of the day, I don’t know what to tell you. New and “eligible returning” (meaning you haven’t been a paying customer in 12+ months) members can get 12 months of the streaming service’s Limited Commercials plan for just $1 per month, this weekend only for Black Friday. It’ll auto-renew thereafter at the usual $8 per month, so you may want to set a calendar appointment to cancel, but that’s one of the best streaming deals we’ve ever seen.

Arcade1Up’s 3/4 sized arcade cabinets have been a hit with our readers, and you can save $50 on a couple of them for the first time this Cyber Monday. The deal is only supposed to be available on the Pacman and the Galaga/Galaxian machines, but now it seems that all of them are included (though not all are in stock at this moment)

Walmart also sells a riser that brings the cabinets up to standard arcade cabinet height, so that might be a good way to spend your savings.

Obviously your prime concern when it comes to computing peripherals is that they’re highly functional; nobody wants to deal with lag or ghosting. But there’s no reason your input devices can’t also be beautiful, and that’s the appeal of the Razer Holiday Chroma Bundle. It includes a gaming keyboard, mouse, and mousepad, all with RGB lighting. The glow is so alluring that even the least techy people you know will have to appreciate it, and there’s something to be said for showcasing your interests in a new light.

With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft basically created the Netflix of video games, and it’s a great deal at its usual $10 per month. But for a limited time, you can get a gift card for a whole year for just $70.

Xbox Game Pass grants you access to newer releases like State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves, as well as classics like KOTOR and all of the Gears of War games. The only catch is that you’ll be auto-renewed at the standard rate after the year is up, but hopefully there will be another deal before that happens, right

Just because you’re not at your desk doesn’t mean you can’t play the latest games at high settings: A pair of MSI gaming laptops are on sale at Walmart for Cyber Monday:

At $849, the perfectly capable 15" MSI GF63 features an 8th gen Core i7, a GTX 1050 GPU, a 256GB SSD paired with a 1TB HDD, 16GB of RAM, and even a copy of Black Ops 4.

Or, for $1399, step up to the 17" GP73, which comes with all of the above, plus a larger 120Hz display, double the SSD space, and a GTX 1070 that can handle VR gaming.

Breath of the Wild is one of the greatest games ever made, so we’ll forgive Nintendo for spiking the football with a ~400 page hardcover compendium full of design artwork, commentary about the game’s development, and a history of the Breath of the Wild’s take on Hyrule.

The book only just came out, but its price just plummeted to an all-time low $20 (technically $19.99, which is annoying given today’s Amazon $20 minimum book coupon). That’s not a lot of rupees for an incredible gift for any Nintendo fan.

What kind of person still reads physical books? The best kind of person, IMO. If you’re one of them, this is probably your favorite time of year, because you know that Amazon always drops an awesome coupon. The discount this time around is $5 off $20 via code NOVBOOK18, and it works on pretty much every single hardcover and paperback sold and shipped by Amazon. The only downside is that it’s limited to a single use per customer, so you may have a hard time deciding what to buy. But don’t wait forever — the deal ends Sunday. (You can see a few more of our suggestions here.)

For a 17 year old (approximate guess) game, Skyrim has been remarkably stubborn about going on sale on Nintendo Switch. This Cyber Monday though, you can download it for $30, easily the best deal we’ve ever seen. You could certainly argue that’s still too much for a game that you probably own on four other systems, but he, it’s Skyrim in your pocket, how cool is that!

Life hack: It’s the same price on the eShop, but if you buy on Amazon, you’ll get credit for the number of Gold coins (300) you would have gotten if it was full price. If you buy it from Nintendo, you’ll only get credit for the discounted price (150 coins).

It’s a shame that Dead Cells launch was overshadowed by poor ethics in game journalism, because it’s a terrific game that you really ought to play. The Switch digital release is $5 off its usual $25 on Amazon right now, the first discount we’ve ever seen on the downloadable version.

Life hack: It’s the same price on the eShop, but if you buy on Amazon, you’ll get credit for the number of Gold coins (125) you would have gotten if it was full price. If you buy it from Nintendo, you’ll only get credit for the discounted price (100 coins).

There's a Lot Of Star Fox In Starlink Switch
Starlink Battle for Atlas | $35 | Amazon

Starlink is the latest video game ecosystem (every game is an ecosystem now) to combine a digital game with real life toys, and it’s actually pretty fun, especially on Switch where you get to play as Star Fox.

For a limited time, Switch starter kit (complete with an Arwing) is down to $35, as are and the PS4 and Xbox One kits, albeit with less cool ships. Those are the best deals we’re expecting to see, so do a barrel roll of excitement and go place your orders.

Amazon also has a ton of accessories on sale as well.

If you malakas haven’t picked up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey yet (and you should, because it’s amazing), Amazon just marked it down to $27 on PS4 and Xbox One, for a limited time. Praise Zeus!

The latest Call of Duty does Battle Royale better than PUBG, and has <shotguns a can of Juggernog> The Biggest Zombies Mode EVER. It only came out about a month ago, but Walmart is already discounting it to $39 for Cyber Monday on PS4 and Xbox One, while supplies last.

Undertale is one of Kotaku’s 12 best games for the Switch, and the love letter to/subversion of Earthbound is down to $13 on Amazon for Cyber Monday. That’s only a couple bucks off the usual price, but you should buy this game at any price.

Though you’ll still need an expensive-ass computer to run it, the Oculus Rift VR system is finally approaching affordability, with the headset and controller bundle now available for $349 for Cyber Monday. I think we could all use a little escape from reality right about now, amirite?

True story: My 6-year-old has come up with a game called “Survive the Night” where he loads up a backpack with NERF guns and other tools like flashlights and snacks and hides out in a fort. (It’s inaccurately named, though, as it never lasts an entire night.) He must not be the only kid doing this, because there’s a toy called the NERF Zombie Strike Survival System Scravenger that seems designed exactly for his purposes.

It comes with an auxiliary blaster, a “tactical light,” and a few other accessories that’ll give your budding survivalist’s bag some nice heft. But the most interesting thing about it — today, at least — is that it’s on sale for just $25 at Walmart and Amazon. That’s half the original price and a solid deal for such a substantial NERF gun. Throw in a little real camping gear and you may not see your child again until 2019.

Real reality is pretty awful these days, but you can temporarily escape it with a PlayStation VR headset for Cyber Monday prices.

The one you should almost certainly get is the $250 bundle which includes Superhot, Creed: Rise to Glory, the required PlayStation camera, and a pair of Move controllers. It’s a top pick in our holiday gaming gift guide for a reason. Also available here, if Walmart sells out.

For $50 less, you can also opt for a bundle with Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss. You don’t need the Move controllers for every VR game, but you need them for some, and they vastly improve the VR experience on others. Considering they sell for nearly $100 by themselves, you should probably buy the more expensive bundle.

Need an extra controller to go with your PS4? Amazon has a bunch of them marked down to $39 right now. Walmart has even more colors in stock for $40.

Xbox One controllers don’t drop to $40 very often, so if you think you might want one, Cyber Monday’s the time to place your order. These are the newest models with built-in Bluetooth, so they’ll also work with your PC without an adapter. Available in black or white.

If you were holding out for Black Friday for an Xbox One S, this 1TB Minecraft Creator’s bundle just dropped to $199, complete with a copy of Minecraft and a bunch of DLC.

Every princess needs a castle, and your little princess is no different. If she’s currently without, the Disney Princess Royal Celebration Wooden Dollhouse is a good option. It’s over 5 feet tall and features a working elevator — perfectly regal and sure to impress any visiting dignitary. It also comes with furniture, because you can’t expect royalty to make do with an empty domicile. In all, it befits even the most noble of ladies and is guaranteed to reign supreme over the rest of the Christmas haul.

Tiny R2-D2 is Bleepin' Awesome
R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid | $40 | Amazon

At its original $180, Sphero’s R2-D2 droid was something for Star Wars fans to drool over, but probably not buy. But at an all-time low $40? It’s the droid you’re looking for.

You can make R2 run around your desk with a virtual joystick on a phone app, but more importantly, you can make him emote. Even its included charging cable matches the copper color of the power couplings on his feet. I shouldn’t have to tell you that this would be a great gift for any Star Wars fan.

For sheer wow factor, a ride-on toy is hard to beat on Christmas morning. It’s a rare present that has a shot at earning a Nintendo 64-level reaction, and Walmart has all shapes and sizes on sale, from princess vehicles to superhero cars. When you surprise a kid with one, you’re showing that your gifting game is strong. Others will have to kneel before the GOAT. So really, it’s also a present for yourself!

Anki toys are smart in more ways than one. They’re smart in the technological sense because you can control the cars from your phone, but they’re also smart in the “why didn’t anybody think of this sooner?” way. Racing vehicles on a flat track is fun and all, but racing on a course with jumps, banked turns, and bridges? Now that’s legit.

Among the Anki items on sale at Amazon are the exact pieces you need to make those upgrades. (A couple of starter kits are there too, just in case you’re a new user.) And, according to the great Dom Toretto, the small scale of the competition will not diminish your victories. Ask any racer. Any real racer. It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.

Whenever Logitech’s G29/G920 racing wheels go on sale, they don’t stay on sale for long. So peel out and get over to Amazon to score yours for $200, the best price ever, and a match for last year’s Black Friday deal. Just note that there are different models for PS4/PC and Xbox One/PC, so make sure to buy the right one for you.

It’s okay to admit that you’re too old to sit comfortably on the floor. You’ve done your time, and now you deserve better. The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker, $25, will keep you close to the action (board games? video games? reindeer games?) while giving your ancient bones a break. Or, if you’re really popular, you can get the X Rocker Dual Commander Gaming Chair and always have room for a friend to sit with you. It’s a little more spendy at $149 (though you can save $4 if you want to deal with in-store pickup), but it does come with two built-in speakers and a subwoofer. Luxurious!

Remember last Christmas, when you were ready to pay $20 or more to procure a Fingerling? Would you have believed that we’d be sitting here, just a year later, able to buy two Fingerlings for only $9? Because that’s what’s going on at Walmart. It’s limited to Kingsley the Sloth, and you’ll probably want to go the store pickup route to avoid paying for shipping, but still. That’s two adorable robot creatures for even less than the usual price of one.

If you devour books the way a pygmy shrew eats (constantly, as if your life depends on it), Kindle Unlimited was designed for you. Until November 30, new customers can give it a 3-month whirl for only $1 — a massive savings and a rare discount that only the library can beat. (Be aware that you’ll automatically start paying the regular rate of $10/month if you don’t cancel at the end of the trial.) With access to more than a million ebooks and audiobooks, you’ll never run out of new material to consume.

Taking your kids to the park is a great way to pass the time. They burn off excess energy so they’ll actually go to bed at night, and playing outside is one of the healthiest activities they can do. Bring those benefits right into your own backyard with the Kidkraft Castlewood Wooden Play Set, $950 off today at Walmart. You’ll even get a workout of your own when you put it together — fun for the whole family!

Are you feeling the Christmas cash crunch yet? Wondering how Santa’s going to make a decent showing without putting you in the poorhouse? Amazon understands. When you spend $100 on a range of toys that covers everything from My Little Pony to Marvel to Hot Wheels to NERF, you’ll get $20 off at checkout. That kind of savings would make even the Grinch feel a little holly jolly, and if you can’t make a dent in your shopping list with this selection, you’re not even trying.

Note: The promotion is limited to toys shipped and sold by Amazon (no third-party nonsense!).

You don’t need superpowers to nail down the perfect gift for Deadpool fans. Devotees of the merc with a mouth will love this $13 Deadpool Loot Crate, which allows them to express their antihero pride without saying a word. It includes a sarcastic apron, socks, lanyard, pin, and bag. They’ll have to provide their own katanas, though.

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