The Amazon Tap Now Has An Always-Listening Mode, and It's Never Been Cheaper

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While it’s definitely the least popular of the original Amazon Echo trifecta, the battery-powered Amazon Tap is worth a look with this $70 refurbished deal.

The big knock against the Tap was that it required you to press a button to activate Alexa, whereas you could conjure her with your voice on the Echo and Dot. So if you dismissed it at launch because of that fatal flaw, you might have missed that it’s since been remedied. You can now enable an always-listening mode on the Tap, and wake it up just by saying “Alexa,” even when it’s running on battery power.

So now the Tap is essentially a better-sounding Echo Dot that you can take anywhere, and I’d say that’s easily worth an all-time low $70. Yesterday’s refurbished Echo Dot deal sold out within hours, so don’t be surprised if it’s the same story today.

Amazon is already offering a bunch of Alexa-exclusive deals for Prime Day, with more still to come, so there’s truly never been a better time to join the Echo-powered future.

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