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You’re better than that last-minute trip to the drug store for a sad box of chocolate and a card. So we’ve put together a list of gifts we love, that we know your valentine will too.

For Your Home Body

They say smell is most closely linked to our memory, so why not give your love something to keep you top of mind. We have a plethora of candles to recommend, from classic and luxurious, to earthy scents.

A gift to help shake off winter lethargy and potentially help with anxiety, a weighted blanket is a hug in blanket form.

If a long shower or bath is how your significant other relaxes, then buy them a bath sheet, which is pretty much the most luxurious thing to happen to bathrooms since hot water.

For the person who you can spend all day doing nothing with, a ridiculously comfortable Rumpl Sherpa Puffy blanket, Glerups rubber-soled Merino wool slippers, and/or lounge pants from MeUndies for their chill night uniform.

For Your Foodie

Brooklyn Slate makes beautiful cheese boards that can add contrast and texture to your table setting. Their stone mugs and geometric coasters would also make rock solid gifts.

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks marries quality craftsmanship and functionality. For example, their Mintzer board features a groove for catching juices with a unique brickwork pattern.

Let them enjoy their favorite wines as leisurely as they wish. The Coravin wine system allows you to extract a precise amount of wine, while leaving the rest safely stored in the corked bottle.

For Your Adventurer

While LED lanterns are brighter and lighter, nothing can beat the ambiance of candlelight.

Take them on a surprise picnic date with this Igloo Daytripper cooler backpack- this will a huge improvement from schlepping a heavy cooler in one hand and is stylish enough to pass as a normal backpack.

Traditional and Beyond

Beyond the classic red roses, Bouqs sells eye-catching and unique arrangements for your one-and-only.

If you want to get something that will out-live the 5-day shelf life of the traditional bouquets, The Sill delivers potted plants, like succulents and air plants, straight to their door.

Catbird makes simple yet interesting minimalist jewelry, and Lively makes lingerie that’s actually comfortable.

Breda creates affordable watches that aren’t short on style. If you’re looking to breath new life into treasured watches they already own, check out Worn & Wound’s collection of leather watch straps and accessories.

For Their Empty Walls

Pop Chart Lab prints a bunch of funky, cool posters and art work featuring topics ranging from beer, to Harry Potter, to New York City architecture.

If you’re looking for more sentimental wall art, Grafomap makes customized map posters, so you can commemorate where you first meet, your favorite vacation together, or some similarly romantic location.

Or simply take some of those photos we keep tucked away in the cloud, print them out, and make nice framed artwork to display in your home with Framebridge. You can get a little more modern with Fracture - they’ll print your artwork to glass, so no need for matting or framing.

For Someone New

Don’t want to come on too strong, or spend too much money on someone that’s not that serious? Raise a spoon to these light-hearted gifts like ready-to-eat cookie dough from The Cookie Dough Cake, and the 5% ABV ice cream, available in flavors like Cake Batter Vodka Martini and Spiked Hazelnut Coffee from Tipsy Scoop.

Finally, here are 100 different, useful gifts all under $20, and now you won’t have the constraint of fitting them in a stocking.