We at the Commerce Team can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of an amazing year of products and deals than to look back at which ones you loved the most. Take a stroll through the most popular 13 products of 2013, according to your purchases, get some inspiration for your last minute holiday gifting, and then tell us about your favorite products and deals from the past year in the comments.

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Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast may not be the one streaming device to rule them all, but it’s definitely the one product to rule our list, with more than 33,000 of you treating your HDMI ports to one.

The $3 little flashlight that could makes an excellent stocking stuffer, and apparently, an excellent impulse purchase. I think between everyone on the Commerce Team we own more than ten of these.

The Roku 3 was an instant home run when it was released in March of this year, easily surpassing every other streaming box on the market except (arguably) the Apple TV. The Roku 2, which debuted in September, threw away extraneous Roku 3 features like motion control, and brought the MSRP down to $69, and $50 on Black Friday.

A slim form factor, a $100 price difference between it and the Xbox One, Playstation Plus, headphone out on the controller, and numerous other great features pushed Sony’s newest console into fourth place. Would it have been number two with unlimited supply? Very possibly.

The best value in video games, ever. Playstation Plus gives you 64 games a year for $50, and on Black Friday, that price fell to $30. It’s honestly such a good deal that it needs to be weighed heavily when choosing which consoles to buy.

No surprise to see this so high in our charts given the popularity of the series, and the fact that the 5-book set was on sale for a meager $10 for what seemed like weeks. That’s a lot of reading for $10.

Anker Astro 3E 10000mAh Battery Pack

Anker makes an awesome line of products, and we know you agree because you chose the Astro 3E as the best battery pack on Lifehacker.

The coolest (pun intended) new gadget of the year pays for itself over time by looking cool saving you money on your electric bill. I just installed mine without issue, and here’s hoping the Nest sparks the gadget renaissance we’ve been waiting for, because smart watches certainly haven’t. You can bet I’ll be pouncing on the first Nest Protect deal we find.

Eneloop XX 2500mAh AA Rechargeables 8 Pack

Eneloops are one of the easiest recommendation we ever make, and you agree. Stop wasting money on disposables.

No surprise that the best-selling game of the year made our top 13, especially when it fell to $34 so quickly.

Nexus 7

The best Android tablet by a... there’s not even another option to give a second thought to. Available for as little as $170 during the Black Friday window, the Nexus 7 is less than half the price of the iPad Mini Retina.

Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case

When Gizmodo recommends an iPhone case, you guys take it seriously.

Ain’t no nostalgia like Super Nintendo nostalgia.