September 5th, 2015 marks the three year anniversary of Commerce Content at Gawker Media, and in that time readers have treated themselves to more than 9 million products. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than ranking the most popular.

Ranking based on purchases on Amazon through affiliate links on Gawker properties. “Purchased by readers” count and prices may not be accurate. Ranking accurate as of Sept. 5th, 2015.

Anker Battery Packs

Anker’s external battery packs are the best in the category, the best-selling external battery packs on Amazon, and the most popular set of products we’ve ever listed.

*Rank includes all variants of Anker external battery packs.


Google’s Chromecast came out of the gate with aggressive preorder deals and hasn’t slowed down since. Check out the huge collection of coverage from Editorial in our Bestsellers article.

Given the fact that we need a guide just to keep up with all of Prime’s benefits, it’s no surprise to see it here.

Mpow’s Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Earbuds are not only frequently sub-$20, they’re good.

*Rank includes the same product from other manufacturers

Like the Chromecast, the Fire Stick came out of the gate with killer preorder deals.

30. Million. Cable Ties.

There’s no better bang for your battery buck than Kmashi.

Amazon Premium Headphones

A recent deal on Amazon’s excellent Premium Headphones (where I bought three pair) bumped them to the #8 spot on our list.

The little flashlight that could.

Ain’t no nostalgia like Super Nintendo nostalgia.