The 10 Best Deals of May 8, 2018

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We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.

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#1: xbox digital game sale

While we’ve seen better deals on a lot of these games as physical copies, Amazon’s limited-time digital sale event is still worth a look for any Xbox One owner, especially if you prefer to download games.

You can see all of the deals here, but a few of our favorites are in this post. Be sure to drop your own recommendations in the comments too.

#2: OLED TVs

If you love inky blacks and vibrant colors—and who doesn’t?—this 55" 2017 OLED LG TV is down to $1300 today on MassDrop (about $300 less than Amazon), or an all-time low $2000 for 65" (almost $600 less!).

As you’d expect from any high-end TV these days, that gets you a 4K panel and Dolby Vision HDR, but OLED technology means the blacks will be far richer, and the colors more vibrant than any LCD-based screen you can buy. Whichever size you choose, it’ll still cost you, but your eyes will tell you it was worth it.

#3: tp-link modem

On paper, this TP-Link modem is functionally identical to the venerable Motorola Surfboard SB6183, but you can get it for far less; just $45 today, vs. $61 for the Motorola. If you’re still paying your ISP a modem rental fee every month, this should pay for itself in short order. This price is an all-time low, and about $15 less than usual.

#4: weighted blanket

Weighted Blankets
Buzio 20 Pound Weighted Blanket | $131 | Amazon | Promo code IVLYJE7V

If you (or you mom) have trouble unwinding and turning off your brain at the end of the day, you’re gonna want to check out a weighted blanket. We’ve seen a lot of deals on 15 pound blankets lately, but today, Buzio’s 20 pounder is down to an all-time low $131 with promo code IVLYJE7V. Just trust us on this one.

#5: usb battery pack

Unless you have a charging cord handy, a USB battery pack is basically just an expensive paperweight. Luckily, that’s never a problem with today’s deal.

The Jackery Bolt (pictured above) is a little expensive at $24 for 6,000mAh (with promo code BOLT6000), but it includes a built-in Lightning and microUSB cable, so you won’t have to worry about carrying a spare. If you’re the forgetful type, that’s well worth the price premium.

#6: eufy smart bulbs

Anker makes smart light bulbs now, because of course they do, and you can get them at a serious discount today.

You’ve got two choices today: a plain white smart bulb, or a full RGB model. Either way, you can control and dim it from your phone, or with an Alexa or Google Assistant device, no hub required. Just be sure to note the promo codes in the photo caption.

#7: car care kit

Meguiar’s is one of the most trusted names in the car detailing game, and Amazon’s offering a solid deal on Meguiar’s Essentials car care kit, which includes multiple waxes, glass cleaner, tire coating, interior wipes, a wash mitt, and a bunch of towels. Not bad considering it probably costs less than a single trip to a detailer.

#8: lego ship in a bottle

LEGO’s popular Ship in a Bottle set is on sale for the first time ever at Walmart, which is offering a $10 discount. It comes complete with translucent water, six cannons, printed sails, and a “wood” base to hold it. It’s also a lot easier to build than a real ship in a bottle, which may be a pro or a con, depending on your point of view.

We think this deal will sink rather quickly down to Davy Jones’ locker, so if you want yours, order it now.

#9: oversized clock

This giant clock has a few extra features like a countdown mode, a stopwatch, and even a thermometer, but you probably won’t ever use them. It’s a giant digital clock, it looks awesome, and it’s as cheap as it ever gets right now. That’s enough.

#10: folding kitchen scale

You’ll really be conserving storage space with this foldable digital kitchen scale. It unfolds into a tripod to hold a plate or bowl, displaying weight in pounds, grams, ounces, and milliliters, and then folds back up to a size small enough to fit in your utensil drawer. $19 is the best price we’ve seen in about 6 months, so if you’re in the market and have a smaller kitchen, this is a really cool product.