The 10 Best Deals of June 20, 2018

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 We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.

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#1: logitech

Amazon’s back today with another Logitech Gold Box sale, with deals on a bunch of different computer peripherals.

It’s not the best Logitech sale we’ve ever seen, but there’s certainly some good stuff here. The highlights are probably the speaker systems: Both a 2.1 and a 5.1 are down to their best prices ever. You could even use them with a home theater setup, if you wanted.

To read some recommendations, check out the post here or head over to Amazon to see the whole sale.

#2: instant pot mini

If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, or want a compact-sized companion to go with your full sized model, the newest Instant Pot Ultra Mini has a rare sale today on Amazon.

The Instant Pot Mini is ostensibly designed for apartment dwellers and people cooking for one or two, but now that I own a six quart Instant Pot, I’ve found myself wanting one to cook rice or other side dishes while my main pot is occupied with the main course. The Ultra model has a much better UI and controls than the standard version, plus a pressure valve that automatically closes itself when you close the pot, so you’ll never forget to set it.

In addition to pressure cooking (which is a miracle), this is also our readers’ favorite slow cooker, and one of their favorite rice cookers too. To put a fine point on it: It’s one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets you can own. Today’s deal is $40 less than usual, and within a few bucks of the best price ever.

#3: wi-fi thermostat

If you want the convenience of a Wi-Fi and Alexa-compatible thermostat, you don’t have to pay out the nose for a fancy touchscreen model from Nest or Ecobee. This Honeywell is ugly as hell, but it has the same basic set of smart features for just $80.

#4: monitor arm

You aren’t getting the most out of your computer monitor until you put it on a fully articulating and rotating arm. This one from North Bayou can hold monitors up to 27", and even includes cable routing and a USB hub on the base that can be easier to reach than the USB ports on the back of your display. At $20, it’s an absolute steal.

#5: klymit pads

Klymit pads are lightweight and inflate incredibly easy, so they’re ready to be packed into an overnight bag and hiked up a mountain. And right now, Amazon is running a Klymit sale full of really fantastic sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and more. I have the Static V pad and for under $40, I’m kind of pissed I can’t return mine and grab it from Amazon.

#6: mulcher/blower/vacuum

With the flick of switch, this Black & Decker machine transforms from a leaf blower to a mulcher to a vacuum. Although today’s price isn’t the best we’ve ever seen, it’s still the cheapest we’ve seen since February.

The best part is that it can grind the equivalent of 16 bags of mulch to just one, so you’ll use less bags. This model requires a power source, so you might want to grab an extension cord too.

#7: cooling boxer briefs

I could dance around what makes this underwear unique, but it’s easier to just say it: It has a separate compartment for your penis to keep it away from your balls. It sounds a little ridiculous, but as the weather starts to warm up, it could certainly keep you out of some, uh, sticky situations. Try out a three-pack of the soft micro-modal version for $25, or about $5 less than usual today.

#8: the last jedi

TheIf you’ve got a 4K Blu-ray player, Amazon will sell you the 4K version of The Last Jedi for $23, within $.50 of an all-time low. That’s worth it for the throne room scene alone.

Of course, it also comes with a regular Blu-ray and a digital copy too.

#9: seagate 1tb drive

Seagate’s FireCuda is our favorite PS4 internal replacement drive, mostly thanks to its built-in 8GB of flash storage that can speed up loading times, and you can get the 1TB model for just $53 today, the best price ever.

#10: apple watch

The worst part of Apple Watch ownership is packing the power cord when you travel. Not only is it a lot bulkier than a Lightning or microUSB cable, it’s also probably the only one you own, meaning you have to take it out of your nightstand charging dock, and put it back when you get home. So annoying!

That’s what makes this battery pack so genius. At only 700mAh, it’s small enough to work as a keychain, but big enough to charge your watch 1.5 times, which should get you through a weekend with ease. And for longer getaways, you can even plug in a microUSB cable (which you should already have in your bag) and use it as a wired travel charger too, allowing you to keep your main charging cable at home. Just use promo code 7XQTBZFD at checkout to save $9.