The 10 Best Deals of July 19, 2018

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We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.

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#1: an everlasting notebook

Rocketbook Everlast Notebook + 3-Pack FriXion Pens + Pen Station | $33 | Daily Steals | Promo code KINJABOOK

What if you only had to buy one notebook for the rest of your life? That’s basically the value proposition of the Rocketbook Everlast, which is on sale today just for our readers with promo code KINJABOOK.

Every page of the notebook can be cleanly erased an essentially infinite number of times with a damp cloth as long as you used a Pilot FriXion pen, three of which are included in this bundle. The pages also include a series of seven glyphs along the bottom that you can cross out with a pen. Once you scan the page with Rocketbook’s app, those symbols tell the app what to do with it. Cross out the horseshoe, and the app will automatically send the scan to, say, Evernote. Draw an X through the star, and it’ll go to Google Drive. You can specify what each of these symbols do in the app, so it’s easy to customize the notebook for your workflow.

Today’s deal is $33 for a notebook in the size of your choice, plus three pens, and a pen station that can clip the pen to the notebook with promo code KINJABOOK. Even if you don’t need both for yourself, these could make great gifts as well.

#2: mini desktop

This tiny desktop punches above its weight with a Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD, all for $310, if you don’t mind a refurb. At this size, it would be an ideal home theater PC or closet-based Plex server, and with these specs, you could even do some light gaming on it. Just note that this price is only available today, or until sold out.

#3: snapchat spectacles

Remember when thousands of people would line up for hours to buy Snapchat Spectacles from a vending machine for $130? That was kind of dumb in hindsight, huh? But they are pretty neat, if you’re into that sort of thing, and much easier to justify for $60, no queueing required.

#4: gravity blanket

Weighted Blankets
Gravity Blanket (15, 20, and 25 Pound) | $179 | Amazon

The weighted blanket boom that you’ve seen on Amazon over the last year can be traced back to a very successful Kickstarter for the Gravity Blanket. It wasn’t the first weighted blanket, but it was the first marketed to average consumers to help them stay cozy and combat anxiety, and now, it’s on sale on Amazon for the very first time.

Interestingly, all three weight options cost the same $179, which is more than we’ve seen from other brands for 15 and even 20 pound blankets, but there aren’t a lot of 25 pound options out there, let alone ones that look as nice as the Gravity. It doesn’t come with a Life Alert button in case you get trapped underneath, so factor that in, but this price down from the usual $249, today only.

#5: dyson motorhead

Dyson dominated the nominations in our favorite vacuum Co-Op, and you can pick up a refurbished Dyson V6 Motorhead from Amazon for just $184 today, or about $50 less than the usual refurb price. You’d be hard pressed to find any Dyson vacuum for under $200, let alone a battery-powered one, so I’d take advantage of this deal before they’re all cleaned out.

#6: philips hue

If you missed out on Prime Day’s Philips Hue deals, you’re not totally out of luck.

This two-bulb color starter kit is marked down to $100, from its usual $150. It’s just like the four bulb kit, but, you know, has half as many bulbs.

If you already have a Hue hub, you can add a Lightstrip to your setup for $70, if you’re a Prime member. That’s a few bucks more than it was on Prime Day, but still a great deal. Just note that you won’t see the discount until checkout.

#7: smart microwave + Echo dot

Let Alexa be your microwave kitchen assistant with this discounted bundle. For a limited time, you’ll get the GE countertop microwave and an Echo Dot (a $50 value) for just $154.

You’ll be able to command Alexa to do simple tasks that you would normally have to get out off the couch to do, like “Alexa, add 30 seconds to the cook time” or “Alexa, stop the microwave”, but by far the coolest feature is how you can use your phone to quickly scan your food’s barcode, and then the microwave will automatically adjust cook times, power levels, and more according to the package’s instructions. It may not sound like much, but how many times have you had to fish through the trash because you popped your food in the microwave only to immediately forget how long to cook it.

The microwave alone is $140, so it’s like you getting this Echo Dot for $15, a pretty solid deal. This bundle will only be available for a limited time, so if you’re wanting to smarten up your kitchen, this would be a great buy today.

#8: sdcc sales

I know Comic-Con is mostly about new movie trailers at this point, but ComiXology is staying true to the convention’s name by offering a ton of sales on...wait for it...comics.

There are over 15 individual sale events included on this page, but the highlights are the 60% off DC sale (with promo code DC60), a sale on over 400 Marvel comics, and BOGO Image titles with promo code IMAGE. Have any suggestions? Drop them in the comics.

#9: nes classic edition

Walmart has the NES Classic in stock right now, with a catch. You’ll pay $20 more than MSRP, but you’ll get a 10,000mAh Pokéball USB power bank with it, which as far as mandatory toss-ins go is actually pretty cool. I’m seeing delivery or in-store pickup dates of July 26 here.

Don’t care for the Pokéball? GameStop still has the console “in stock” for $60, with shipping (not delivery) by July 27.

#10: wine fridge

If you thought wine refrigerators were only for ultra rich people to keep in their fourth living room, think again.

This 8-bottle Igloo wine cooler has an adjustable temperature setting, so you can keep your nice red or white wines at their ideal temperatures, and it’s just $50 right now, which is about $10 less than usual. Plus, this could be a cool gift for the wino in your life.

This 12-bottle fridge is also at a great price, just $70.