The 10 Best Deals for June 13, 2018

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We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.

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#1: 20 pound blanket

BUZIO Anxiety 20lb Weighted Blanket for Adults | $102 | Amazon | Use code KFATHERD

Things are crazy right now, and if you somehow forgot that Father’s Day is on Sunday, this deal on a 20-pound weighted blanket will keep you relaxed. This big ass blanket is just $102, the best price it’s ever been, when you use the code KFATHERD at checkout. And if your dad doesn’t want it, take it for yourself. Just trust me on this one.

#2: Beats headphones

Beats Powerbeats3 | $80 | Daily Steals | Promo code KINJABEATS

Beats sound quality has come a long way in recent years, and the new Powerbeats3 even include Apple’s easy-pairing W1 chip—the same one that makes AirPods so great—making them a great option for iPhone-owning fitness buffs, or anyone whose ears aren’t compatible with AirPods.

Today on Daily Steals, you can grab a brand new pair (in bulk packaging, but who cares) for $80, easily the best price we’ve ever seen. Just use promo code KINJABEATS at checkout.

#3: mesh wi-fi router

Mesh routers are so hot right now, and Linksys’ take on the concept is down to $150 for a 2-pack today, about $50 less than the usual going rate.

The Velop works like pretty much any other mesh networking system: One router plugs into your modem, and the rest can basically go anywhere in your home to extend the network. It even supports Alexa commands, like “Alexa, ask Linksys to turn on my guest network.”

#4: portable ssd

Samsung’s adorably tiny portable SSDs leave flash drives and external hard drives in the dust, and the 500GB and 250GB models are cheaper than ever today. It’s still a lot more expensive than a portable hard drive, but in addition to the speed and size advantages, it should be more durable as well, due to a lack of moving parts.

#5: delta 2-in-one shower head

One of the easiest home upgrades you can make is replacing that crappy shower head that came with your house or apartment. This Delta two-in-one was ranked as your absolute favorite, and is down to $89 today. We saw it dip to $80 in May, but today’s price is still down a solid chunk from the usual $100. I bought this exact shower head last year, and it’s been worth every penny. You (probably) shower everyday, might as well make it as enjoyable as possible.

#6: roav viva + audible

For a limited time, if you sign up for a free Audible trial, not only will you get two audiobooks of your choice, you’ll also get $20 off Anker’s Roav Viva to help you listen to them.

We covered the Viva on The Inventory, and it’s basically the Echo Dot for your car. And since Audible works seamlessly with Alexa, the Viva will let you access your favorite audiobooks with nothing but your voice.

After you sign up for the trial, the $20 credit will be added to your Amazon account automatically, and must be used within 14 days. You’ll also have 30 days to pick out two free books to download before your card is ever charged. Even if you cancel your membership before then, those books are yours to keep forever.

#7: dropmix

DropMix | $49 | Amazon

Update: Now down to $49!

DropMix is an NFC-enabled card game that basically turns you into a remix artist, and it’s down to $50 on Amazon right now, a match for the best price we’ve seen.

Developed by Harmonix, of Rock Band fame, DropMix seems perhaps a little too ambitious—most people don’t have great rhythm, after all—but the game is executed shockingly well. There are multiple game modes, the base set includes 60 song cards from popular artists (though you can purchase expansions, naturally), and it’s beginner-friendly enough for anyone to play.

#8: obd2 scanners

The computer in your car is a treasure trove of information about gas mileage, engine performance, maintenance issues, and more, but without an OBD2 scanner, most can only communicate with you through the primitive language of dashboard warning lights.

Luckily, three such scanners from Kobra are on sale right now, including some wireless ones that sync to your phone and work with third party apps to track and record anything and everything about your car.

The Bluetooth model ($7 with code Z6KXA33D and a 20% on-page coupon) will only work with Android, but the Wi-Fi one ($11 with code PP94JP7K and a 20% on-page coupon) supports iOS as well. There’s also an old-fashioned code checker on sale ($12 with code 7934LGIX and a 15% on-page coupon), if that’s all you’re really interested in.

#9: horizon zero dawn

Black Friday saw several enticing deals on the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn, but today, Walmart’s offering the best deal yet on the complete edition, which includes the Frozen Wilds expansion pack, some in-game items, and a few other bonuses.

#10: gatorade sale

It won’t turn you into LeBron James or anything (only the precise blend of Powerade and Sprite can do that), but Amazon’s one-day sale on Gatorade bars and beverages is a nice chance to save on products that any athlete or wannabe athlete will probably buy anyway.