Take Care of Your Digital Robot Son with This R2-D2 Tamagotchi for as Low as $11

Your new droid child needs your unconditional love and affection.

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R2-D2 Tamagotchi (Classic White) | $11 | Amazon
R2-D2 Tamagotchi (Hologram Blue) | $13 | Amazon

Yeah, that’s right. R2-D2 is now a Tamagotchi and he needs you to be his mom or dad. He needs to be charged and cleaned every day and entertained by putting out fires or playing holochess. If you neglect your android child for too long, the Jawas will take him away. These are jokes I’m writing to be witty. Stright up, Jawas will kidnap your robot son if you neglect him. The R2-D2 Tamagotchi is available in either the white classic color or blue hologram color, but the white version is on sale for just $11. You can get the blue for the slightly less discounted price of $13.


This story was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 08/04/2021 and updated with new information on 05/04/2022.