Stylishly Be Prepared for When Your Baby Does Their Business With This Diaper Bag for $37

Save over 50% on a large-capacity diaper bag backpack.

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Diaper Bag Backpack | $37 | Amazon
Diaper Bag Backpack | $37 | Amazon
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Diaper Bag Backpack | $37 | Amazon

Congratulations on the new kid. Way to go. Your baby [insert name here] is just so dang cute. Can’t wait to see the person they grow up to be. In the meantime though, that baby’s gonna pee and poop. That baby’s gonna pee and poop a lot. And you’re the one who has to clean up and change their diaper. So why not stay prepared in style with this multifunction maternity diaper bag backpack? It’s got 16 pockets and is spacious to hold most baby essentials while still being comfortable. Right now it’s 53% off but you can save an additional $5 when clipping the coupon.