Stop the Pain Fast: Insect Bite Healer From Beurer Now 23% Off at Best Buy

Heat is a natural remedy for all those late Summer hikes.

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Only 3-6 seconds away from pain-free camping trips.
Only 3-6 seconds away from pain-free camping trips.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Ever notice how the bugs and flying insects come out all at once in late Summer? The warm, dry weather is prime time for getting stung while camping or at a game. Beurer has made an insect bite healing device that’s 23% off now at Best Buy. The small, white handheld device is actually tipped with a quick-warming ceramic plate that, when heated, will stop the source of insect pains. All you have to do is press the button and hold for 3-6 seconds and the pain is gone.

Insect Bite Healer | 23% Off | Best Buy

We love this insect bite healer because it doesn’t use any chemicals, just heat, and that’s pretty neat. Many reviewers say the heat is manageable and works quickly to reduce swelling.