Stick These Cheap Motion-Sensing Lights Anywhere. Anywhere.

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If you ever stumble around your house at night looking for the light switch, do yourself a favor and pick up a few of these handy motion-sensing LED night lights today.

I have a couple of these around the house, and they’re incredibly convenient. While their adhesive pads allow them to go anywhere, I’d start with the baseboards of your bedroom, inside dim closets, or in the hallway between your bedroom and the bathroom. They’ll light up automatically when you move within 10 feet of them, and shut themselves off once you’re gone. - Shep

OxyLED T-02

  • 1-pack: $9.99 (Save $6.00 code: 6OFFT021)
  • 2-pack: $18.99 (Save $12.99 code: 13OFT022)
  • 3-pack: $26.99 (Save $20.98 code: 21OFT023)
  • 10-pack: $87.99 (Save $70.91 code: 71FT0210)

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