Preorder Klistem USB UV Sterilizer | $59 | Kickstarter

UV light is a proven way to sterilize surfaces, but you’ve probably never thought to use it in your kitchen. Klistem wants to change that.

This self-contained UV sterilizer is perfectly designed to kill germs on the inside of bottles that maybe don’t get enough attention in your dishwasher, and the included extensible tray means you can throw small things like jewelry and razors in there too. Just set your bottle over the bulb, and press down to start the cleaning sequence. After three minutes of UV light to kill the germs, Klistem’s built-in fans can also help dry out any excess moisture.

I don’t own any equipment to test bacterial cultures, but I did throw a dirty water bottle that I hadn’t washed in far too long on the sample they sent me, and it smelled noticeably better after the cleaning cycle. You can preorder one from Kickstarter now for $59, with expected delivery in December.