Status Audio Is Back For a Wireless Encore, With an Enticing Preorder Discount

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Status Audio is following up its cult-favorite CB-1 headphone act with a brand new set of cans, and yes, they’re wireless.

The Status Audio BT Ones check all the boxes you’d want in modern Bluetooth on-ears: Bluetooth 5.0 for a rock solid connection, 30 hours of battery life, and premium, comfortable materials. And like all of Status’s products, there are no logos to be seen anywhere; just a laser etched product number.

Unlike the CB-1s, which were tuned flat for reference grade sound, the BT Ones utilize a subtle U-shaped EQ pattern, emphasizing the highs and lows for punchier, livelier sound. Some people swear by sound accuracy, and that’s a-okay, but most non-audiophiles will likely prefer how these sound.


The BT Ones ship in mid-February, and will cost $120 at launch. But for a limited time, preorders will are marked down to $99, and include a free pair of IEM 2X wired earbuds, which sell for $49 on their own.