Start a Light Show Anywhere with the Philips Hue Go, Now Back Down to $50

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Update: Sold out

Philips Hue bulbs and lights are mostly confined to a single room in your home, with one notable exception: The battery-powered Hue Go, which is down to $50 today, or roughly $20-$25 less than usual. .

While it’s plugged in, the Hue Go is basically a brighter (300 lumen vs. 120) version of the Hue Bloom, and is best deployed facing a wall to “paint” it with color. The difference is that you can unplug it, and take it with you for up to three hours at a time. That’s great for deploying during parties, or out on the patio at night.

Just remember that like all Hue products, you’ll need a Hue Bridge to control the light.