Grab the Original Sonos One For $55 Off, Today Only

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Sonos One (Black, Gen 1) | $145 | B&H
Sonos One (Black, Gen 1) | $145 | B&H
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Sonos One (Black, Gen 1) | $145 | B&H Photo

Sonos came out with a slightly tweaked Sonos One smart speaker earlier this year, and while “an updated processor, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and increased memory” are nice upgrades, the thing that really matters, sound quality, remains the same.

That’s why our recommendation is to buy the Gen. 1 model on clearance for $170 $145 from while you still can, down from the original $200, and down from the old clear-out price of $180. The Sonos One hardly ever goes on sale outside of major events like Black Friday, and even then, we rarely see anything in excess of a $20 discount.

So whether you’re buying your first Sonos, or finally adding a speaker to your guest bedroom closet because you already have them everywhere else, this is a great chance to save. I’ve bought a couple of these for my mother in law’s house, and they sound astonishingly good, especially for their size.