Soft, Breathable, Fashionable: Preorder and Save On Western Rise's Merino Button-Down

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Western Rise is a well-established brand that already makes some of our favorite t-shirts, henleys, pants, and oxford shirts, but even with so many products already out on the market, they still like to launch new products on Kickstarter, at significant preorder discounts. Their latest, the Limitless Merino Wool Shirt, seems like a winner.

The Limitless button-down is hands-down the most comfortable button-down shirt I’ve ever worn, but to be fair, it’s the only merino wool button-down I’ve ever worn. I work from home in t-shirts all day, but I would gladly wear this thing around the house. It breathes, it stretches when it needs to, it barely wrinkles, and it’s softer than any semi-formal shirt has any right to be. It feels like you’re cheating at fashion.

Preorders are still available starting at $99 on Kickstarter, where it’s blown through its goal 10 times over. Unfortunately, only two colors (a light gray and a light blue) are available for now, but hopefully we’ll see more once the shirt is officially released.