Soak up the Savings With This Luxury Six-Piece 100% Cotton Towel Set

They are 100% cotton and extra soft but still durable.

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6-Piece Bibb Linen Cotton Towel Set | $27 | SideDeal

Towels are so simple and so essential in our lives. And when you have a bad one, oh boy do you know it. But the same can be said when you have a good one. We’ve all taken a plush hotel towel home before, don’t lie. Well, this splendid set is 76% off. This deal is so good it feels like you’re stealing.

The six-piece set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. They are 100% cotton and extra soft but still durable to withstand multiple washes. They come in eight different shades, depending on your tastes and decor. These are spa-level quality towels, so I say ‘treat yo self,’ to a little luxury. Choose from the solid or popcorn pattern. They’re available in Aqua, Coral, White, Grey, Ivory, or Linen.

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