Snatch This Year’s Funko Pop Pride Toys, As Low as $9 Each

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Funko Pop Pride 2021 Deadpool | $9 | Amazon
Funko Pop Pride 2021 Mickey Mouse | $9 | Amazon
Funko Pop Pride 2021 WALL-E | $9 | Amazon
Funko Pop Pride 2021 Stitch | $9 | Amazon
Funko Pop Pride 2021 Tina Belcher | $11 | Amazon

Funko’s annual Pride Pops slather famous pop culture characters in a dazzling rainbow allure, and this year’s selections all fall under the increasingly wide Disney umbrella. They’re shipping later this month, and right now you can pre-order the Pride versions of Deadpool, Mickey Mouse, WALL-E, and Stitch at a discount, for $9 apiece.

The Pride Pop version of Bob’s Burgers fave Tina Belcher is still sitting at full price as of this writing, while the Pride version of the Star Wars Stormtrooper is out of stock—but keep an eye out for it. Funko has made a donation to the It Gets Better Project as part of this year’s Pride initiative.