Sling TV Blue Is Now Free During Prime Time Hours, NFL Network Included

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Sling Happy Hour Across America | Free | Sling
Sling Happy Hour Across America | Free | Sling
Image: Jordan McMahon

Sling Happy Hour Across America | Free | Sling

While our lives have been changed in countless ways because of the ongoing pandemic, if you tend to struggle with finding something to watch amid the massive content libraries of the countless streaming services available, that’s probably been a frustrating constant in this uncertain time.

For those times where you just can’t buckle down on a new show, live TV can be a quick way to just turn something on and kick back. Right now Sling TV is offering its service for free from 5 pm EST to midnight EST every night, just in time for the NFL draft tomorrow night.

If you’ve never used Sling before, you can register a new account to access Sling’s primetime offerings, and its Blue package, which has over 50 live channels, including AMC, FX, and HGTV. You’ll also get access to all of Sling’s on-demand content, which has movies like IT Chapter One and Jurassic Park, there’s even ten seasons of Hell’s Kitchen on there.

Sling hasn’t said how long they’ll offer all of this for free, but given its tie to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to assume you’ll be able to tune into the Property Brothers as long as you’ve gotta maintain social distancing.


If you end up liking what Sling has to offer and don’t want to limit yourself to a few hours after work, Sling’s offering $10 off your first month for new customers.