Shop $25 Jeans at Jachs NY

$25 jeans? That's 85% off—and they'll last you a lifetime.

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Shop $25 jeans at Jachs NY.
Shop $25 jeans at Jachs NY.
Graphic: Jachs NY

Jeans. A closet staple. Something everybody should have one or two pairs of. Or more, perhaps? Jachs NY has a $25 jeans sale going on right now—which is about 85% off each pair of jeans. That’s cheap enough for you to buy as many fades as you so desire.

$25 Jeans | Jachs NY

Jachs NY jeans are 99% cotton with just a hint of stretch for comfort. Anyone who knows denim knows that the less stretch the better. That 1% stretch does a lot of legwork while the 99% cotton maintains the structure of the jean. Classic blue, darker blue, grey—stock up and stay comfortable with these $25 closet staples.