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SEX WEEK: Let’s Solve Shower Sex

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Photo: Skyler King (Unsplash)

In her roundup of gender-neutral sex toys, our very own Style Girlfriend asked, “Psst, Dame crew, if you’re reading anything in the works to solve shower sex? Asking for a friend.” While we hope our pals over at Dame do have things in the works to solve some of the problems that come along with shower sex, here in the present, I know of some products that already exist that can solve many of the problems that come along with shower sex.

For Safety

One of the major problems with shower sex is that it’s hard to relax and enjoy the experience when you’re also trying desperately not to fall and break your neck. A suction-mounted grab bar gives you something to, well, grab onto.


And if you don’t already have one, a non-slip tub mat will also help to add some traction to your shower sex experience.

For Comfort and Ambiance

The other big problem with shower sex is that, while it looks great in the movies, in reality one person is being absolutely pelted with water while the other shivers just out of reach of the stream. A rainfall-style shower head can help solve that problem, since it’s positioned more toward the center of the shower and its stream is more spread out than traditional shower heads. And as long as you’re upgrading your shower head specifically for your shower sex needs, why not go ahead and get one that adds a bit of mood lighting to the proceedings?!?

Speaking of setting the mood, how about introducing some sweet, sweet tunes to your shower sex experience? Sure! Pipe your favorite sex playlist into the shower with a bluetooth wireless shower speaker.


Another issue that comes along with any kind of play that involves water-immersion is that water is not lube and can actually, ironically, have a bit of a drying effect on vaginas. Further complicating matters is this: Water-based lube doesn’t play well in water (this is, like, irony on irony) and silicone lubes can be extremely dangerous to use during shower sex because they make things even more slippery. Non-silicone water-compatible lubes are hard to find but they do exist, so if you need lube to make shower sex enjoyable, it’s well worth the specialty purchase.

But let’s say you want to try out some different positions during your shower sex sesh. Got you covered! A foot prop designed to making leg shaving easier can also pull double duty during shower sex to elevate one partner’s foot.


And a tub pillow can be put to use to cushion a set of knees if you want to take things down low.


For Funsies!

There are loads of waterproof sex toys that couples can introduce to level up their shower sex game, and we’d be here all day if we tried to list them all. However, one thing to keep in mind is that most sex toys require you to hold it, which leaves you down one hand for stability and support. Given that, toys and accessories fitted with suction cups are a great thing to look out for for use during shower sex, like these suction cup cuffs.


But why should couples have all the fun? If you’re looking to engage in some solo shower sex, there’s something for everyone.


Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert, advice columnist and the host of the podcast Ask a Clean Person

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